Fast Forward

Your pathway back to school and a diploma

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Welcome to Fast Forward!

Our goal is to help out-of-school youth return to high school, earn a diploma, achieve proficiency, and upon graduation, assist in placement into a college, vocational/technical school, or other career training.

Fast Forward is a FREE program that helps out-of-school youth to reclaim their education.

Open to Tri-Cities area youth, ages 16-21, who have dropped out of school, Fast Forward partners with traditional and alternative high schools, technical schools, community colleges, and other Tri-City area alternative education programs to provide an open pathway back to school and a diploma.

About Fast Forward

Want more information? Read the program overview in English or Spanish, check out our fact sheet, and download the Fast Forward brochure.

Ready to get started? Download the application form in English or Spanish, or call us at (509)416-0304.

How We Help

At the Fast Forward Center, we:

  • Serve as a youth advocate working with out-of-school youth wishing to re-engage in their education
  • Partner with local public schools, community organizations, and other agencies to meet the educational needs of youth, ages 16-21, who have left school without graduating
  • Serve as a resource center for parents, students, school officials, and community agencies
  • Continually research best practices to better serve out-of-school youth